About Us

We,  at  Embonics Systems Lab®, provide the products used in a range of sectors, especially in security and surveillance, automotive domain, process and industry automations, which are unique and state of the art. We also deliver world class DSP software solutions and products in the domains of speech, audio and video processing technology. All our solutions are off-the-shelf implementations that can be easily plugged into customer’s systems. We create unique opportunity for our employees to leverage   innovation through a collaborative environment.


Our vision is to become an R&D hub in embedded electronics with special emphasis to consumer electronic products.

Policy statement

–    Create an environment of mutual trust and respect.
–    Continuous improvement in our products by providing optimized and robust solutions.
–    Consistently demonstrate the same discipline and passion to emerge out as a global leader in embedded electronics products.


–    Customer satisfaction
–    Integrity
–    Excellence
–    Quality