e-informerTM is an intelligent and autonomous electronic device that provides (24X7) round the clock security for your home, apartment complex, office, shops, banks, hospitals etc. It not only guarantees peace of mind by ensuring unmanned intrusion detection, it can also detect and notify fire/smoke or even gas leakage. It notifies pre-defined phone numbers via call/SMS and even issues high decibel audio alarm .


  • Get phone call/SMS alert to your mobile if someone tries to open the door/window of your house.
  • High volume siren to alert the neighbors.
  • Automatic power backup with auto charger.
  • Early indication on top panel in case of low battery and also get SMS alert.
  • System can be enabled or disabled using mobile phone/remote. In case, you have forgotten to enable the system at night, the internal realtime clock automatically enables at its preconfigured enable time.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Network connectivity indication on top panel.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Easy to configure & install.
  • Password protected system.
  • Light weight and compact system.
  • Wall mountable unit.
  • No house wiring required for interfacing with our wireless door/window sensor, shutter sensor, glass break sensor, vibration sensor and panic switch.
  • Panic/emergency button works whether the system is enabled or disabled.
  • No need of land line phone connection.
  • Supports multiple zones(both wired and wireless). Every zone is independently controllable.
  • Detects unauthorized entry to restricted area (both indoor and outdoor) by interfacing with dual/quad beam  motion sensors and photoelectric detectors.
  • Can be used for detecting LPG gas leakage.
  • Alerts you in case there is fire or smoke.
  • Can be interfaced with light.
  • A large number of e-informers can be interfaced with a server wirelessly to provide central monitoring facility with audio indication. This feature is exclusively provided for bigger housing complex/colony.
  • User friendly application for android based mobile phone.
  • LCD that displays the current time
  • Office mode and home mode selections are available
  • Can be interfaced with CCTV


  • Power supply:15 Volts,2 Amps DC
  • Built-in rechargeable sealed lead battery (12 V)
  • Dimensions in mm: 198X173X46.5
  • Weight including inbuilt battery: 1770 grams
  • Weight without battery: 916 grams

Operating temperature: 0° to 70°C