e-lock is an electronic gadget which along with electromagnetic lock, is used to lock or unlock the doors remotely once the authenticity of the guest is verified via video door phone for instance. The unlock time is kept for few seconds and can be customised based on customer needs.The system alerts through high volume siren in case there is any forceful entry. A panic button is also provided on remote, which can be used at the time of emergency to draw the attention of neighbors through siren.


  • Power Supply: 15 Volts,2 Amps DC
  • Built in rechargeable sealed lead battery(12V)
  • Dimension in mm: 192X128X45
  • Weight including inbuilt battery: 1206 grams
  • Weight without battery: 352 grams
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 70°C

Can be interfaced with electromagnetic lock having holding capacity of 300/600 lbs.