e-shutter guard

e-shutter guard is a low cost stand alone wireless security system, which is primarily intended to protect your properties against any unauthorized entry by breaking the shutter. It is exclusively designed for the shops, go down, store etc. where shutter is used as the main entry or exit point. It generates high volume siren and gives phone call continuously. It has strong metallic body that comes with powder coating.


  • Fully wireless
  • Gives continuous phone call to the owner during intrusion
  • Easy to operate and can be fixed easily on the shutter with nuts and bolts.
  • In-built siren
  • System can be locked with in-built lock assembly so that it can’t be accessed by unauthorized persons
  • LED indications on the side panel to monitor the health of the system


  • Power Supply: 9V battery
  • In-built siren
  • Dimension in mm: 295X100X38
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 70°C