Three Phase

Three Phase Water Level Controller is designed to switch ON and OFF the three-phase submersible water pump automatically without manual intervention. The system comes with water level sensors, which continuously monitors the water level and based on this the pump gets switched ON or OFF. For user convenience, 2 modes such as manual and auto mode are provided. During auto mode, the following operations take place. Various LED indications are also provided to know the status of the pump and water level at a given point of time.

  • When water level is below certain level in bottom tank, pump gets automatically switched OFF and that avoids the dry run of the pump
  • When water level in bottom tank is above certain level and in the overhead tank it is below bottom threshold, the pump gets ON.
  • When the water level in the overhead tank is above upper threshold, then pump automatically gets switched OFF. This avoids the overflow of the tank.
  • Water level/threshold in both overhead and bottom tanks can be adjusted by the user.
  • Pump gets switched OFF automatically in the absence of any one phase.