Water Level Controller for Single Phase Pump (Mobile Operated)

  • Pump can be switched ON and OFF through phone call from registered mobile numbers. Notification is sent to the registered mobile numbers through SMS.
  • Pump ON time can be set from 1 minute to 999 (16 hours) minutes. The pump gets automatically switched OFF after the pre-configured time and notification is sent to user through SMS.
  • During pump ON time, if there is no power, pump gets switched OFF. Again, when power gets available, notification is sent through SMS and phone call about availability of power. Also, the pump continues to stay ON for rest of the pre-configured time.
  • If the user forgets to call to switch OFF the pump , then automatically it gets switched OFF after the preconfigured time.
  • Works for only single-phase pump, which has two push button switches, one for ON and other for OFF.
  • When water touches the top sensor of the overhead tank, pump gets automatically switched OFF and notification is also sent to the user through SMS.


  • Power supply: Single phase AC
  • Dimensions in mm:180X89X61
  • Weight: 486 grams
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 70°C