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Embonics Systems Lab

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Welcome To Embonics Systems Lab®

Embonics Systems Lab®,established in the year 2012, is at the forefront of advanced embedded electronics. Driven by research and innovation, its prime focus is in varied consumer and enterprise segments such as home or office surveillance, automobile, process and industry automation and many more. The founders of the company have decades of experience in embedded domain in the companies such as Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and are committed to build a strong and vital organization with the right global and diverse talent. It develops cutting-edge hardware, software and firmware using the latest in mobile and wireless technologies. With extensive R&D facility at Hyderabad, it aims to simplify lives of common man by making technology work for everyday scenarios. Embonics Systems Lab® is committed to the success initiatives such as smart cities and smart villages - by anticipating needs in an intelligent and connected ecosystem, conceptualizing intuitive solutions and bridging the technological gaps. With a bouquet of ingenious products already introduced in the market, it vows to empower new-age customers with avant-garde gadgetry.

Most of our products are operable through smart phone and that brings the power to control the environment to the fingertips of the user. The company truly believes the society at grass root level to benefit from the advancements in computer and mobile technologies. Fired with passion and ambition to find instinctive automation in a digital society, here is a small step in keeping with the times, exploring the myriad possibilities with the intent to keep the common man at the forefront.


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